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I HATE YOU 25 opere di artisti di fama internazionale per un numero speciale in limited edition. ROMA 12 LUGLIO 2012 DOROTHY CIRCUS GALLERY Ore 20:00  presentazione di FEFÈ #12 I HATE YOU limited edition 25 artists, a children and a writer interpret a dialog from the movie. In this issue “I HATE YOU” taken […]


Mr.Klevra For – Green Blood – Dorothy Circus Gallery -

Read More Mr.Klevra For – Green Blood – Dorothy Circus Gallery -

GREEN BLOOD GROUP SHOW curated by Alexandra Mazzanti & Tara McPherson Artworks & Drawings for charity sales will be donated to Greenpeace and Oceana, charities that take care of animals and nature. Tara McPherson, Mr. Klevra, Jeff Soto, Martin Wittfooth, Travis Louie, Lola, Brandi Milne, Leila Ataya, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Roland Tamayo, Ana Bagayan, Scott Musgrove, […]